Japanese Fusion Taste in Every Bite

Most of Famous Delicious Japanese Foods in Nagoya Japanese Fusion.

Reported by Fun! Japan Reporter – Tia

This time, we visit one of Local Japanese Restaurant’s Franchise – Nagoya Japanese Fusion in Makassar, South Sulawesi^^
It is owned by a local and its first restaurant is in Yogyakarta. It serves lunch and dinner since it’s opened from 12.00 to 21.00 every day. In Makassar, it is located in Jl. Lasinrang No.28 Makassar, located in the middle of city makes it easy to find. This restaurant is surrounded by a lot of gift shops, makes it is worth to visit.
The interior of the restaurant may vary depends on the owner, the ones we came to is quite a cozy and calm place, there are a few people when we came, some of them were reading manga while waiting for their food to come. This place is also a choice for some tourist, we met some tourist here two or three times in our visits. Which makes me sure it’s a good place to hang out as well.

Tia's Food Adventure - 1 In front of Nagoya Japanese Fusion Makassar

Tia's Food Adventure - 2 Inside of Nagoya Japanese Fusion Makassar

Tia's Food Adventure - 4 Logo of Nagoya Japanese Fusion

About the taste of the foods

It is a great combination between the authentic delicious Japanese taste and the mix of Indonesian taste. But, don’t worry, the Japanese taste still dominate the taste, the additional Indonesian spices just makes it more delicious. ^^
They have Ramen, Udon, Soba, Sushi, Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Donburi. Yes! Most of the famous Japanese foods are served here. And here’s the menu :

Tia's Food Adventure - 5 Nagoya Japanese Fusion Menu 01


Tia's Food Adventure - 6 Nagoya Japanese Fusion Menu 02

Tia's Food Adventure - 7 Nagoya Japanese Fusion Menu 03

We ordered Yuguchi Ramen, Katsu Donburi, Okonomiyaki Katsuo, Sakuramaki Sushi, Chicken Katsu Curry, Soseji Donburi for the foods and for the drinks, we ordered Ocha which could be refilled every time we want.
The price of the food is in range of IDR 20,000 to IDR 35,000 – it is affordable for a delicious and yummy Japanese food.

Tia's Food Adventure - 8 Katsu Donburi - Nagoya Japanese Fusion

Tia's Food Adventure - 9 Chicken Katsu Curry - Nagoya Japanese Fusion

Tia's Food Adventure - 10 Soseji Donburi - Nagoya Japanese Fusion

Tia's Food Adventure - 11 Sakuramaki Sushi

Tia's Food Adventure - 12 Yuguchi Ramen

Almost all of these foods are my favourite, but from all of their menu, I like this best !! ^^ Their Okonomiyaki !!

Why?? I’ll tell you why! ^^ Here’s why :

1. Their Okonomiyaki has a delicious dancing Katsuo Bushi on the top of the Okonomiyaki mixed well with Japanese Shouyu Sauce and Mayonnaise makes it taste delicious.

2. It has a crunchy texture and delicious dough, combination of cabbage, carrot, egg. Sooo Delicioouuus! But the best part yet to come..^^

3. This is what makes it my favourite!! ^^ After the little sparks from mayonnaise and shouyu mixed with dancing Katsuo Bushi and crunchy bites of its dough, we met a delicious raw yolk in the middle of it! So Delicious!

Can’t say anything more! :D Or I will start mouthwatering just writing on this article! Ahaha :D
Closing statement I could say is, if you have an opportunity to try the mixed taste between delicious Japanese taste and the sparks of Indonesian spices in a bowl or in a plate of Japanese food, please come to Nagoya Japanese Fusion in nearest place in your town ! They could be found in :

1. Yogyakarta : Ruko Jl. Prof. Dr. Sarjito No.11, Yogyakarta
: Jl. Kaliurang Km 12, Yogyakarta
2. Jambi : Food Capital
3. Magelang : Jl. P. Senopati No.13, Magelang
4. Semarang : Jl. Sirajudin No.22 A, Tembalang, Semarang
5. Makassar : Jl. Lasinrang No.28, Makassar
6. Kediri : Jl. Stasiun No.39, Kediri
7. Bandar Lampung : Jl. Arif Rahman Hakim, Bandar Lampung
8. Pasuruan : Jl. Raden Patah No. 18 B, Pasuruan
Happy Eating ! Eating Japanese Food! ^^ いただきます!
Nagoya Japanese Fusion Makassar
Address Jl. Lasinrang No. 28, Makassar - South Sulawesi
Phone (+62 411) 811 838
Hours 12:00 – 21:00
No regular holiday

Average Budget for Food : IDR 20,000 – IDR 35,000
Average Budget for Drink : IDR 5,000 – IDR 20,000
Facebook : Nagoyafusion Jogja
Twitter : @nagoyafusion
Instagram : @nagoyafusion

Map of Japanese Fusion in Makassar