Osaka Antenna Shop “Osaka Hyakkaten” in Tokyo

Enjoy Osaka in Tokyo

Osaka(大阪) is the second biggest city in Japan next to Tokyo. But it takes 3 hours from Tokyo by Tokaido Shinkansen(東海道新幹線). If you have a plan to go to Kansai area, it is good for you to enjoy Osaka and Kyoto. But if you only have limited time in Japan and can stay only in Tokyo, you still have chance to feel Osaka in Tokyo.


Recommended Osaka Antenna Shop

Osaka Hyakkaten(大阪百貨店) is an antenna shop of Osaka in Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan(東京交通会館) in Yurakucho(有楽町). At Osaka Hyakkaten, you can find famous Osaka souvenirs and also can enjoy Osaka food like Takoyaki.


The Original Snacks From Osaka

You can get Takoyaki flavored Pringles, Ottotto and other snacks that are usually sold only in Osaka.

Tigers Baseball Team Snacks

Osaka is the home of the baseball team Tigers, so some snack packages are designed in Tigers color black and yellow.


Billiken doll

Billiken is a charm doll created by an American art teacher and illustrator, Florence Pretz. In Japan, there is a famous Billiken doll in 5th floor of Tutenkaku(通天閣) Tower in Osaka. And it is loved and believed that brings luck when you touch its foot.


Momiji Tempura

Momiji Tempura is really unique to Osaka. It is deep fried Japanese maple leaves.


Flavors of Momiji Tempura

There are many flavors of Momiji Tempura – green tea, red pepper, brown sugar, kinako (soybean flour), and salt.

Chilled Pork Steamed Buns

They have chilled pork steamed buns so you can bring back to home.



And of course Takoyaki to take away.


You can order Takoyaki, Ikayaki, Pork buns and other Osaka food and eat them in eat-in area of the shop.

Very tasty food at reasonable prices

Takoyaki is just 390 yen and they are making them on site so it is fresh and tasty. The skin is so crispy and the inside is creamy. You can put mayonnaise, source and aonori (powdered seaweed) as much as you want.

There would be a long line for Takoyaki and other eat-in food in the afternoon on weekends and holidays, and there are only limited seats. So if you want to try, you should go there in the morning or on weekdays.


■Osaka Hyakkaten(大阪百貨店)
Hours: 10:00~ 22:00
Sunday 10:00~ 20:00
Address:1F Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan, Yurakucho2-10-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo