Cosmo Store, a Japanese convenient store

Cosmo Store, a Japanese convenient store, has actually existed for many years. First store which I knew was in Grand Wijaya, but they moved to Jl. Bulungan (detail as below)



As I entered the store, I found something interesting. I was delighted by the appearance of the plants which create eco friendly environment.


This store does not only sell Japanese food stuff or daily goods, but it also sells Indonesian cultural tools. They even sell Balinese fragrance soap in many shapes. 


Japanese Tea and others

I actually went there to buy marinated beef but they don’t sell it anymore. Instead of buying nothing, I bought a glass of fruit jelly, a vegan chocolate ice cream and a bag of Japanese tea. The fruit jelly tastes good, sweet with a slightly sour taste from the real fruit (strawberry slice, orange slice and kiwi fruit slice). The vegan ice cream is rich of chocolate flavor but it’s a little too bitter for me; I will try another flavor next time. The uniqueness of this ice cream cup is that it has a spoon under the ice cream cover.


Next to Cosmo cashier is an Udon restaurant. Hungry visitors can enjoy a portion of udon and fill their tummy.