All You Can Eat Shabu-shabu at Shabu Hachi

Reported by Ghina Rahmi


Ghina is reporting.
Hello Minasan, 
Ghina is reporting.

There are so many shabu-shabu restaurants opened in Jakarta and around lately. One of quite old player is Shabu Hachi that has its own building located at Kemang, South Jakarta. The restaurant opened in 2005 is actually owned by locals. It has several branches, and Kemang is the first and main branch. Shabu Hachi has all you can eat shabu-shabu concept, including beverage. There is 90 minutes’ time limit for eating. The price range is started from 98k to 358k depend what kind of meat that you order.


Every day, Shabu Hachi is really full of people, so it is better to come early. If you come in a group, better to make reservation first. If you have to be in a waiting list, you can grab snacks that is provided for the guest. You can even take ready to eat food inside the restaurant and eat it at waiting seat.


After you are seated, the staff will ask your soup choice and your meat choice (written in the menu book for preference). Do note that at every table or group, meat choice has to be the same.

Electronic stove is attached on the table for each seat. You will also get personal pot filled with your selected soup. There is also a griller for yakiniku in the middle of the table, but you have to pay extra for using that.


Several pieces of thin cut beef are put on the tray. The staff will deliver several trays to your table. You can ask for more to them if you still want to eat the beef.
Beside the beef, you can also have seafood, meatballs, and vegetables to put into your shabu-shabu soup. There are also takoyaki, waffle, and ice cream station; salad station; dessert station; and beverage station.








I chose miso soup and my husband chose Japanese konbu soup. Miso soup has thick taste of chicken soup and light taste of miso, it has light brownish color. While Japanese Konbu taste like udon clear soup, it has dark brown color. Both soup tasted delicious.


My tips, if you eat shabu-shabu, don't boil the meat too long or it will be too chewy and not juicy. Take the beef with your chopstick and put it to the boiling soup for several seconds only, then pick it up and put it into eating bowl. You can eat it with sauce that is provided at sauce station or just eat it as it is.

For Muslims, you can eat here without any worry because Shabu Hachi uses halal ingredients. There are halal ingredients certificates in front of the entrance. Also, it has a quite big, clean, and nice scented prayer room. For Muslim woman, there are several praying wear if you don't bring one.



It is really recommended to try Shabu Hachi. Since it is owned by locals, the price relatively affordable. The staffs are friendly, fast service, and helpful.
Last words, don't forget, if you are eating at all you can eat restaurant, never ever waste the food even though you pay for it.


Shabu Hachi

No 127 Kemang, Jl. Ampera Raya,
RT.4/RW.10, Ragunan, Ps. Minggu,
Kota Jakarta Selatan,
DKI Jakarta 12550
Reservation: 0822-9911-9957
Hours: 10am-10pm
No regular holiday
Price: Starts from IDR 98k



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