Eating delicious Teishoku at Uchino Shokudo

Reported by Ghina Rahmi


Hello minna san,

Ghina is reporting.

Have you ever eaten Japanese meal set? I always feel amazed with all Japanese food, especially teishoku or you may know it as Japanese meal set. Teishoku has several kind of dishes in a set and always has very appetizing appearance. The price might not be cheap for Indonesians but why don’t we give it a try? There are several teishoku restaurant in Jakarta and around, but this time, I gave a try at Uchino Shokudo, Pondok Indah Mall.


Uchino Shokudo means Uchino’s cafeteria, has a fake food display in front of the entrance. Though it is fake, but somehow it looks appetizing. When you enter, the interior is really simple yet very Japanese. There are sofa seats or wooden chair seats, I prefer to have a wooden chair one. At every table, there are soyu and togarashi (chili powder) for seasoning. I really like the wooden tube for keeping the togarashi, it was my first time to see that, so unique. Uchino Shokudo also has open kitchen, you can see the chefs cook your food.



Every meal can come in a set or a la carte. So if you feel you don’t eat that much, you can have a la carte one. The rice set comes with soup, main protein dish that you choose, three kinds of small size savory dishes, pickles, and dessert; while kaisendon (rice topped with seafood) comes with soba soup. There is only one soba noodle set on the menu if you don’t feel to eat rice.


I ordered Gyoza for appetizer, Deep Fried Chicken Namban Set for main dish, and Green Tea Cream, Red Bean Parfait for sharing dessert, and refillable cold ocha for the drink. So let’s review it one by one.

1. Gyoza IDR 30K

On a plate, there are five pieces of gyoza that made from chicken meat, served with gyoza sauce. The gyoza packed with meat and tasted really delicious. The sauce taste sour and salty, don’t put the sauce too much and it will be fine.

2. Deep Fried Chicken Namban ID 88k for set


I was so amazed when it came. The food was a lot and it looked exactly like on the fake food display. This set consisted of:
- rice that is put in a black container
- deep fried chicken on shredded cabbage with mayonnaise and yuzu sauce
- clam miso soup
- pickles
- Three savory dishes: varies of sautéed vegetables, salty version of tamagoyaki (fried rolled egg, the authentic one usually has sweetish version); nikujaga (sautéed beef and potato, Japanese version of beef stew or semur, without coconut milk)
- Purple jelly
All the food was delicious, but my favorite were clam miso soup and yuzu sauce. I was very happy with it, the clam was a lot and cooked very well, and the soup reminded me of miso soup that was cooked by my Japanese host-mom, very nostalgic. Yuzu sauce has a tangy and citrusy taste. It gave a very special taste to the cabbage and the fried chicken, really delicious!

3. Green Tea Cream and Red Bean Parfait IDR 35K

The dessert size looked not so much but it was actually fulfilling. There was a scoop of green tea ice cream, two pieces of sponge cheese cake, and red bean paste, topped with whipped cream and green tea powder. All tasted delicious.
I was satisfied with the food. I would love to give it another try, especially for kaisendon. The price might be expensive, but it is really worthy since the food is a lot and fulfilling. I recommend you to visit Uchino Shokudo if you want to try homey Japanese meal set.

Uchino Shokudo

Pondok Indah Mall 1, Lantai 2,
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah,
Jakarta Selatan
(021) 29168263
Hours: 10am-10pm
No regular holiday