Ramen in Their Hometown VS Our Hometown

Reported by Alucard

Today is Saturday, early weekend, but the weather is already gloomy from the morning. Cloudy sky and soon follow by the rain. Temperature drops, and I feel chill all day. In evening rain is still falling and I start craving for a hot comfort food. So a stroll along the Radio Dalam,street where a lot stall of delicious food present. I finally choose one ramen restaurant with a strike huge “NO PORK RAMEN” banner on top. Well for a majority Muslim community, that’s relieving. When I enter the restaurant, the atmospheres of authentic Japanese ramen restaurant are emerging. The simple design yet functional are feel homey. In this restaurant they serve ramen with several kinds of broth and topping, but the basic is chicken broth. There are shoyu, or chicken broth flavored with soy sauce, miso, and the clear broth. There are also gyoza and curry rice.

Miso ramen chasu

Chiken shoyu ramen Seirock Ya Japan

The Ramen Broth

The broth has an intense flavor of chicken stalk yet light and less oily, very light and refreshing, the clear broth has a deep flavor even though it very clear and clean. The one with the miso has a slightly miso paste taste on it, I’m kind a surprise, cause first I think the miso paste will overwhelm the entire dish but yet it corporate very well and not taking over other flavor. For my experience of Seirock ya Ramen in his original place, Japan. The miso there is more intense but still blended very well, the color of the broth is also slightly browner than the one in this restaurant. But I found the both ramen are equally satisfying, maybe because in Indonesia they don’t want to overcome the miso flavor because miso is not so popular in here rather in japan. For the topping I choose the chasu, originally chasu is mean sliced pork, but in here it is a sliced of chicken breast. It has chicken breast that has been boiled with slight brown on the outer. Actually I little not satisfied with this chicken “chasu”, because I find it dry and tasteless. The one that I eat at Seirock Ya Japan are really delicious. It was a truly chicken that has been cooked into look like chasu, it has been rolled and grilled with special sauce, and sliced thinly, just like pork chasu. There are also menma, the lactate fermented bamboo shoot, which taste very nice, a spinach, and also negi or green onion, the boiled quail egg and the last but not least, perfected soft boiled egg. Overall this is really a suitable food to be eating in every occasion but perfect to eat in cold gloomy day like this. Because it will bring you warm, cozy and refreshing feel not only to your stomach but also your soul.

Miso ramen Seirock Ya Japan

I think I’m not being overreacting by saying that ramen is a “SOUL FOOD”. I will continue my ramen adventure and share my experience again next time. SEE YAA.

Store name : Seirock Ya Ramen
Address : Jl. Radio Dalam Raya No. 9 Rt 08/02, Kel. Gandaria Utara,
Kec. Kebayoran baru, RT 10/01, Gandaria Utara, kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. Indonesia
Phone :021- 29126281
Hours :11.00 – 22.15
Holiday no regular holiday
Average budget lunch : 50.000 – 100.000