Try “On Fire” Level in Ramen 1

Reported by Yuntago


Hello! My name is Yunita. But you can call me Yuntango (please don’t ask me now why It could be my nickname. I will answer it someday. :P). I really thank to Fun Japan Indonesia because I can get a chance to share my experience trying Japanese dish in Japanese restaurant here. *ojigi*
If you are spicy food addict, you should come to this Japanese restaurant and try their main dish. It’s called Ramen 1 and of course because their main dish is ramen. I’ve been there several times, but yesterday I visited it again just for making sure about the taste of their ramen.


For your information, Ramen 1 does not serve only one kind of dish, they also have a lot of dishes besides Ramen such as appetizer (salad, fried chicken katsu and edamame), hotplate (Donburi), bento set, fried rice, and sushi maki.


The sushi maki is creative fusion sushi and decadent signature sushi paired up with varieties of sauce. There are sausage series, lays series, floss series, tuna series, and salmon series. And the mayo sauce consists of original, spicy, wasabi, teriyaki and unagi. You can choose as you want!


But, because I was there for eating ramen, so I ordered Kani Ramen and Marcheepan. Kani Ramen is a bowl ramen that filled with crab stick, teriyaki, boiled egg, nori and a few pieces of vegetables like mustard, radish and carrot. While Marcheepan is beverage with a mixture of passion fruit, lychee, cocopandan syrup and soda water.
Ramen 1 served three kinds of soup that you can choose as you want: miso, original and curry. Then for the level of spices, you can choose from “mild” to “on fire” (I suggest you to choose “on fire” if you are a spicy addict).


For my Kani Ramen, I chose curry soup and “on fire” level. And trust me, it was really creamy and hot. I could not stop savouring that curry soup and spicy flavour. It’s like a good combination in my tongue! And for the flavour of Marcheepan, there was something special on it for me. But, it’s not bad to reduce the spiciness.
If you don’t want to eat ramen, you can choose another dish that I told in previous paragraph. Don’t worry, because all menu is under Rp50.000. That’s it, and I’m looking forward to read your experience trying another dish in this Japanese restaurant!

Store name: Ramen 1
Address: Margo City Floor 1, No. 15 , Jalan Margonda Raya, Depok
Phone: (021) 78870997
Hours: 10.00-22.00