Fun! Japan Words Exam 67 – Beginner

Hello, everyone! this is Junko,
Thank you for always reading Fun! Japan Words.
I make question based on previous Fun! Japan Words articles.
This time it is a beginner level exam!
Answer it and test your Japanese ability!


・Please choose a Japanese word to fill the blank.

Junko was invited to Jessica's house. Junko went to her friend 's house for the first time.
She arrived at Jessica's house.

Jessica: Hi, Junko! I'm looking forward to meeting you.
Junko: Hi, Jessica. I brought the DVD. Let's watch a movie together after we have dinner.
Jessica: Thanks, Junko. I’m preparing dishes now. Please, come in.
Junko: (   ). I will help cooking.


① お買い得 (Okaidoku)
② おかわり (Okawari)
③ おもてなし (Omotenashi)
④ おしゃべり (Oshaberi)
⑤ お邪魔します (Ojamashimasu)

※300FP for an answer you get correct.

The hint is here→

お買い得 (Okaidoku)
おかわり (Okawari)
おもてなし (Omotenashi)
おしゃべり (Oshaberi)
お邪魔します (Ojamashimasu)

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