Sushi that Rides a Train at Genki Sushi

Reported by Ghina


Hello minna san,

Ghina is reporting.

Several times ago, I was searching for lunch place with a friend in Mall Kelapa Gading. We found Genki Sushi after going around searching for Japanese food on the ground floor. Actually there was a restaurant that we wanted to eat but unfortunately it served pork, so we decided to enter Genki Sushi. At that time, I was not so excited about the restaurant but had no choice since we just had a little time and were hungry too. I thought it was only usual sushi on conveyor belt but I was wrong.

We sat in the middle row. I still didn't realize about its specialty but I started to get excited since we could make our own tea like sushi restaurant in Japan.
The waitress explained to us about how to order. I got more excited because we ordered anything via tablet. There is also menu list with pictures on the wall next to the table.



First, we ordered the drink. Since I wanted to make my own tea, I ordered hot ocha. The cold ocha is already made so the waiter will deliver it to your table.
I got an empty wooden cup. The waitress told me to put only two spoon of matcha per serving then I pour the hot water from the tap myself. Really exciting.


Then we ordered the food. It was so confusing because all the food looked delicious. Not only sushi, there is also cooked food like rice bowl, udon, and ramen. We also loved to play with the tablet so it took times for us to order food. We chose then we deleted it again. LOL, don't do such thing like us. Finally, we chose salmon triple flavor, fried tofu skin sushi, and chuka wakame gunkan.




Then, I was so surprised when a mini shinkansen passed on my right bringing a plate of sushi. Oh, wow, I was amazed. I didn't realize that since we were busy playing tablet. Haha.

Our order came one by one, brought by the shinkansen. Everytime your order is ready to come, the yellow light button will be on. When your order come, take the plate, and push the button to make the shinkansen return to its place.

Because of that, we even got more excited. We ordered three more dishes: dynamite spicy salmon, fried salmon skin, and fried soft shell crab. We were so excited when the train came and went back.




I won't review the food one by one. All the ingredients were fresh and all the food tasted delicious. My favorite was fried tofu skin sushi. It was surprisingly very good.



We were still too excited so we ordered more. First, we ordered kanikama and egg roll. It was also delicious though it was a simple sushi. Then we ordered matcha ice cream as dessert. The ice cream was also good. It was not too sweet, a bit sorbet like but creamy and thick. It was so delicious combined with ogura (red bean) and a piece of wafer.



 Well, if we didn't think about the bill, we might have still played with the tablet and shinkansen for hours more but we were afraid to be broke so we decided to finish after the dessert. To pay, we clicked the -call bill-buttn on the tablet and brought it to the cashier.



The restaurant is recommended for family with kids. I would love to bring my son there too next time.
It has several branches at famous mall like Plaza Senayan, Emporium mall, etc. The service is good too. Waiters and waitresses are friendly and always stand by to refill your cold ocha.



Wanna see the train? see here: 

Genki Sushi (Mall Kelapa Gading branch)
Mall Kelapa Gading 2, Ground floor,
Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
+62 21 45853868
Hours: 10am-9pm
No regular holiday
Budget: IDR 250k for two
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