Nawate Steet, Frog Street


Nawate is Edo period themed small shopping street near the river on the way to Matsumoto Castle. This street have a lot of small shops such as flower shops, Japanese crackers shop, antique shop, ceramic shop, Taiyaki shop and a lot of shop have a green frog goods. This street is once of the symbol of Matsumoto. suitable for stroll around and window shopping. If come to this street don't miss to try Taiyaki. In this street have 2 of Taiyaki shop. This street was once in the screen of famous comic "ORANGE" very popular comics in japan.


Near the riverside many people buy some drink and food form shop and take easy sit and eat food near the riverside for see view and carp in the river. On weekend people are crowded than working day. I saw a lot of frog goods along the street from entrance to the end of street. I have heard from shop staff. They said in the past this area had a lot of frog but now Nawate Street does not have a real frog.



I walked along the street and stop at Taiyaki FURUSATO, there are two shops of Taiyaki on this street. Two of shops are tasty and have unique of taste, but I recommend shop In the center of Nawate Street, because Taiyaki of this shop are fresh from oven and dough is very crispy at outside and inside is soft and good smell, bean paste is not so sweet. Hot Taiyaki is very suitable for winter season. After eaten I walk along to the end of street. Nawate Street is one choice that I want to recommend you.


I found vegetable and fruits store. This shop has a lot of vegetable and fruits and has a good price. I saw yellow color of apple, and shop staff explained to me that yellow apple is developed in Nagano Prefecture called "Shinano Gold" the taste is sweet and intense more than red apple called "Fuji". I try it! It was very good taste. I think Nawate Street is very interesting street. There are a lot of shops for souvenir and food, but price is suitable not expensive. If you are walking and sightseeing near Nawate Street, and you will find places of easy sit for rest and eat

Taiyaki FURUSATO Nawate Street
Address : Nawate Street,4-1 Ote, Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture
Hour : 10:00 – 18:00.
Holiday : Irregular
Average budget : 170 Yen