Fun! Japan Words Exam 65 – Intermediate


Hello, Fun! Japan friends! This is Jessica!!

Welcome to the 65th exam!
This time, I make new intermediate level exam for you.
Find the clues in past Fun! Japan Words articles (^O^)/


・Please choose the correct Japanese words to fill the blank.

You are having lunch with your friends in a restaurant.

You : Today’s lunch set is so delicious! I've already eaten a bowl of rice!
Friend : Would you like to have ( a ) ? Let’s ask the waiter/waitress.
You : Yes! Of course! I’d like to have ( a ) !
(After Lunch)
You : It’s yummy! And I also love their dessert, the ( b ) is my favorite!
Friend : Getting good quality lunch at this cheap of a price is a really ( c ) !
You : And the customer service is good, too. It is one of the ( d ) I experienced in Japan.



① a. チョコレート (Chokoreto) b. お買い得 (Okaidoku) c. おかわり (Okawari) d. おもてなし (Omotenashi)
② a. おもてなし (Omotenashi) b. おかわり (Okawari) c. お買い得 (Okaidoku) d. チョコレート (Chokoreto)
③ a. おかわり (Okawari) b. チョコレート (Chokoreto) c. お買い得 (Okaidoku) d. おもてなし (Omotenashi)
④ a. お買い得 (Okaidoku) b. チョコレート (Chokoreto) c. おかわり (Okawari) d. おもてなし (Omotenashi)

※300FP for an answer you get correct.

The hint is here!→
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