[Fun! Japan Reporter] Delicious UDON, Marugame udon and tempura

Reported by Hachi Bawana

Hallo hachi here. Right know I want to introduce a place to eat that quite famous right know. It is UDON from Marugame UDON. If remember there is a article about this article before from friend FUN Japan reporter from other city. That article make me want to try to, so right know I quite lucky and happy because this famous UDON from Marugame UDON is here in Yogyakarta or the specific time the restaurant has been open since October 2016.

For the first timer, the place is clean and interesting to see because the design quite similar with udon restaurant that I see in You tube. Very interesting.




How to order and for the menu , because the design is similar with Japan Udon so how to order is you must go to counter directly and order what udon that you want to eat. Because it order directly you can see all the process how the udon been made. Interesting right. After you choice the menu udon you want (you will see the menu in counter clearly) the staff will begin to boil the noodle and pour the soup and sometime the staff will drop some half boiled egg if you choice a specific udon that use egg. Then Udon that you order will ready less than 60 second (maybe) but don’t think after you receive the udon that you order is ready to eat, don’t be haste because Marugame Udon serve SO MANY side dish that look delicious that make you want to try so make your perfect udon with it. For the advice if want to eat in Marugame Udon I recommend to search information first, the different about a cool noodle and hot noodle that you want to order udon because the staff will question you want cool or hot noodle. I hear or search the will be a different taste between in udon if using cool and hot noodle. So search first. I almost forget to tell that Marugame Udon have a rice menu to but I want to try the udon first.



For the menu there will be a many choice like kitsune udon, curry udon, kaki tama udon, and many delicious udon that may look delicious to try. For the side dish Marugame serve kroket (meat that fry crispy). Kakiage (fry vegetable and shrimp), Ebi tempura, inari sushi (rice that warp with tofu), and many more. Because the side dish is so quickly sold so I just get kroket and inari sushi for my side dish. Not just side dish Marugame udon is serve a seasoning to like crispy crumb, slice of onion, slice of green chili, and soy sauce. One more interesting serve that Marugame udon have there is you can refill your matcha drink as many you want. Nice service.


How the taste, after I am finish my perfect udon that add with side dish and seasoning I want. So is ready to taste the udon. I am order kitsune udon with side dish kroket and inari sushi with seasoning many onion and many green chili. The taste is delicious the noodle texture is soft and easy to bite, the soup is fit with the side dish and the crispy crumb is nice when eat with udon but because I put to many green chili, my udon became to spicy so I so relief I can refill the matcha to put down the spicy.

Marugame udon is delicious and I hope this udon restaurant can be found in yours city.
Thanks you and sorry for my bad English

Name : Marugame udon and tempura
Phone : 0811-3466-909
Open Hours : Every day at 10AM–10PM
Price : Rp. 34.000 – Rp. 53.000 (Udon and Rice menu) and all kind side dish (Rp.10.000 – Rp. 30.000)

Link :

Map location :