[Fun! Japan Reporter] Once is Never Enough in Tokio Kitchen

Reported by Pretty

After we watched Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) by Makoto Shinkai, suddenly I felt hungry and my friend drags me to this restaurant that I’ve never heard before. It’s called Tokio Kitchen.


We welcomed by friendly waitress and she gave us cards. Then, she explained that card is important for transaction later and she gave my friend another card too. Once I stepped in the area, I’m in awe. It’s such a huge place for restaurant and I like its environment! You can bring your big family to there. You can sit in conventional table or Japanese style one, and I choose the conventional one.

It has a unique concept too, like a food court that has so many stands. There are okonomiyaki stand, donburi stand, ramen stand, and beverages stand. Thought the concept kind of different from other Japanese restaurant, you still felt Japanese atmosphere in there. I like its decoration. There are fake trees, some photos, some Japanese art, and lovely wallpapers.


There is also a rainbow car that draws my attention. It’s position near cashier. I don’t know if visitor can play with that car or not, but it is good spot for taking a photo.


After I’ve found a convenient spot to eat, I began strolling around. So many menus Tokio Kitchen offered which makes me confused to choose. There are bento, donburi, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, agemono, yakimono, ramen, pizza, sushi, etc and they are looks tasty. This is a first time I saw agemono and yakimono, both of them catching my attention at first glance, but I’m still confused to order. That’s why I just walking around its stand to another stand for 10 minutes hehe. I want to eat okonomiyaki but I’m afraid it didn’t make me full, thought my friend said its portion kind of big, but I prefer rice because I just remember I didn’t have a breakfast that day.

Then finally I’m interested in its bento because of the price. I ordered Karaage Bento. It contains delicate rice, nugget fish, mayonnaise, veggies teriyaki and it just cost me for Rp. 28.000! I heard that menu is the most favorite menu for young people. Really affordable and it tastes so good! I finished all of them.



My friend ordered curry rice plus chicken katsu, and for a second I want to order it too, cause its tastes is amazing! But suddenly I remembered I already full.


After that my friend and I went to cashier to pay whatever we ordered. Don’t forget to show him/her the card. It’s not too hard to find Tokio Kitchen, its location next to Urban Kitchen, the huge food court in Central Park. I would visit Tokio Kitchen someday because once is never enough.
Try to visit Tokio Kitchen with your friends or family or your partner and I guarantee you won’t be upset.

Store name: Tokio Kitchen
Address: Central Park Mall, Second Floor, Jalan S. Parman Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Phone: 021-29200028
Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00 everyday
Average budget: 25.000 – 200.000