Eating at Monja-ya

Okonomiyaki is another national food of Japan that many people may have heard of or have tried before, but there might not be so many people who have cooked it by their own. Today I will recommend you one of the restaurant where the size may not be huge, but I guarantee that everyone will experience a tasty food and enjoy the moment when you are in this restaurant.
For those who have come to Ikebukuro, you may have visit Sunshine City Building where there are many stores located such as Pokemon Store, Disney Store, Sanrio Store, Aquarium, many famous restaurants, and theme park like J-World. But that is not all in Ikebukuro, besides from Sunshine City Building, there are also many stores and restaurants outside that everyone should try, and one of them is a restaurant called Monjya.


This restaurant is located opposite to Sunshine City Building on the third floor, you can notice it from the yellow sign in front of this building. This restaurant sells mainly Okonomiyaki and Monjya where there are many flavors that you can choose from whether it is a octopus, shells, pork, and many more. Therefore, everyone can try the one that you like and explore the new flavors as well.


The dominant point of this restaurant, besides from the taste that is very tasty, the restaurant also allows the customers to cook both Okonomiyaki and Monjya by themselves, making the customers feel very enjoyable. The process of cooking Okonomiyaki is very easy, when we order the menu that we want, wait for a while and the restaurant will serve us a bowl that is full with the necessary ingredients. But for those who want to order some extra ingredients, you may do so and the extra price will be charged. While we are stirring, we can pour the oil on the pan so it will be ready when we finish stirring. Once we finish stirring, the pan will be ready to cook and it is time to our everything on the pan. Then we can use the small flippers that are provided on the desk to set our Okonomiyaki to be round.Wait for about 4 minutes and sneak at the bottom of it to see if it is ready or not. If it turns brown a little, we can flip it. Then we need to wait for about 4 minutes for our okonomiyaki to be ready to eat. But before that, we are able to apply the sauce and decorate it according to your preference. There are two types of the sauce provided, the original one and the spicy one. Then it comes to the fun part of squeezing mayonnaise, for those who bring kids, this part could be like doing art and can excite them for sure, but don’t forget to beware of the hot pan. Then finish our decorating with the seaweed and fish powder on top. Now we will have a unique okonomiyaki that will not be similar to anyone to eat.


I am highly recommended this restaurant for those who want to try cooking it and taste okonomiyaki and monjya because not only the taste that is very good, but also you will enjoy the time of cooking it.



Store name : Monja-ya
Address : 〒170-0013 Tokyo, Toshima, Higashiikebukuro, 1 Chome−12−13, seiko building 3F
Phone : +81 3-5950-3606
Hours : 12PM-11:30PM