Fun! Japan Words Exam 64 – Beginner

Hello, everyone! this is Aki,
Thank you for always reading Fun! Japan Words.
I make question based on previous Fun! Japan Words articles.
This time it is a beginner level exam!
Answer it and test your Japanese ability!


・Silahkan pilih kata bahasa Jepang berikut untuk mengisi kolom kosong

Jessica and Aki are talking about the most talked-about movie in Japan which is set in Yokohama.

Jessica: Hi, Aki. I just went to see that movie last night, and liked it so much. Did you watch it, too?
Aki: Yeah, I did. There were many places in Yokohama on the screen where I'm familiar with.
Jessica: I’m planning to visit some locations in the movie this weekend.
Aki: Hmmm, you are gonna have (        ). Sounds exciting!! Enjoy!


① 食べ歩き (Tabe-aruki)
② 聖地巡礼 (Seichi-junrei)
③ おもてなし (Omotenashi)
④ こたつ (Kotatsu)
⑤ 節分 (Setsubun)

※300FP for an answer you get correct.

The hint is here→

食べ歩き (Tabe-aruki)
聖地巡礼 (Seichi-junrei)
おもてなし (Omotenashi)
こたつ (Kotatsu)
節分 (Setsubun)

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