Tabe-aruki (食べ歩き) Fun! Japan Words vol.136


Tabe-aruki (食べ歩き) is a compound word that comes from the two verbs to eat (taberu) and walk (aruku). As you might have guessed, tabe-aruki means to eat while walking in Japanese!

One thing to be cautious about is that, unlike in many other countries, eating while walking used to be considered very rude. Even today, depending on where you do it, some Japanese people consider it to be bad manners. For example, if you eat while walking at a train station, or inside a bus people will most likely look at you with disapproval.

On the other hand, when attending festivals, or visiting amusement parks, you will see many people holding foods like ice cream, takoyaki, oden, and eating while walking.

So, how does one avoid coming off as rude in Japan? A safe rule of thumb is to observe the surrounding people and see if people are eating while walking. Depending on the location, occasion, and type of food, it can be completely fine to eat while walking! Use your best judgement and make sure you clean up after yourself and don’t leave a mess!

Mari kita ingat kalimat yang berguna berikut ini sebelum pergi ke Jepang! 


●Saikin wa tabenagara aruiteiru hito huete kimashitane.
> Lately, the amount of people eating while walking has increased.

●Matsuri de tabearuki suru no wa saikou desu!
> Walking while eating at festivals is the best!


Sekarang saatnya untuk pergi dan mencoba mempraktekannya saat berada di Jepang!

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