Fun! Japan Words Exam 62 – Intermediate


Hello, Fun! Japan friends! This is AL!!

Welcome to the 62nd exam!
This time, I make new intermediate level exam for you.
Find the clues in past Fun! Japan Words articles (^O^)/


・Please choose Japanese word to fill the blank.

You are going out together with your friend.

You : Do you know the ( a ) time of ( b ) ( c ) ?
Friend : We still have 30 minutes. Let’s buy some ( d ) first!



1. a. お土産 (Omiyage) b. 電車 (Densha) c. 急行 (Kyukou) d. 出発 (Shuppatsu)
2. a. 急行 (Kyukou) b. 電車 (Densha) c. お土産 (Omiyage) d. 出発 (Shuppatsu)
3. a. 急行 (Kyukou) b. 出発 (Shuppatsu) c. お土産 (Omiyage) d. 電車 (Densha)
4. a. 電車 (Densha) b. 出発 (Shuppatsu) c. 急行 (Kyukou) d. お土産 (Omiyage)
5. a. 出発 (Shuppatsu) b. 急行 (Kyukou) c. 電車 (Densha) d. お土産 (Omiyage)

※300FP for an answer you get correct.

The hint is here!→
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