[Fun! Japan Reporter] Good sushi is not always expensive

Reported by ouvertune

You love sushi but you don’t have much money? Then Ichiban Sushi might be a choice for you.

For sushi lovers who live in Jakarta you probably have heard or even familiar with this Japanese sushi restaurant, Ichiban Sushi. And let’s cheer because last September, Ichiban Sushi opened another branch located in Buaran Plaza, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur. The restaurant located in the first floor, between Pojok Busana and Tawan.



This restaurant that has a kuma (bear) as their mascot provides wide range of sushi menus with quite affordable price compare to other famous sushi restaurants in Jakarta. Besides sushi, they also deliver another Japanese foods and bites such as donburi, teppanyaki, udon, ramen, inari, gyoza, and karaage. Though, it does not like sushi that has varieties menus and package, they only give limited menus for other foods and bites.


Since sushi is Ichiban Sushi’s specialties, they offer several favorites menus, such as Ichiban Signature Roll, Ichiban Hip Roll, and Ichiban Popular Roll those are recommended and definitely one of their selling point.


One of the best sushi they have is the California Roll. Would you look at all that craps? It was awesome. For California Roll, one plate contains eight sushi though most of the sushi contains about six sushi, so quite enough to fulfill your hunger or share with your friends. And even the best menu costs around 20,000 to 50,000 IDR, so I think it sort of friendly with student’s pocket or the-end-of-the-month’s pocket who wants to go for good sushi.


And look at this! Isn’t it looks juicy?
Unfortunately, the picture could not tell how delicious it was. You can taste heaven since the first bite, though this one is a little bit spicy.


I also tried their donburi, teppanyaki, and karaage. The chicken donburi and the karaage that I tried were not the best, and probably that is why they are focusing on sushi, but at least it was not too disappointing. Though, I have to admit that the beef teppanyaki was delicious and worth to try.




 You can find the details regarding Ichiban Sushi Buaran Plaza below:
Store name: Ichiban Sushi
Address: Buaran Plaza, Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur.
Phone: +62 21 866 150 63
Hours: Regular mall opening hours 10AM – 10PM
Holiday: Open during holidays
Average budget: 20,000 IDR to 80,000 IDR per person per meal
Website :